I'm not sure about the best (Rollerball?), but the absolute worst is without a doubt Quidditch. It is so obviously made up by someone who doesn't enjoy sports. It could be an ok game without the Snitch, or if the snitch was nerfed, but the way it's set up now, it is basically a game between two Seekers, with lots of… » 1/22/15 7:57am 1/22/15 7:57am

Yeah, if I remember my Media Law correctly, the test in the UK was that it was libel if one could prove that 12 people in the UK would recognize you. The only places where you are safe from a libel or slander suit are in court or in parliament; though if you report, as a journalist, that someone is accused of being… » 1/21/15 4:00am 1/21/15 4:00am

As an outsider, it sometimes seems like US corporations literally get actual idiots elected and then just run them like puppets. There're stories like this one, but also those pre-printed statements where the congressmen were supposed to add their own name but instead went with "blank". » 1/16/15 1:17am 1/16/15 1:17am

This. It seems both the author of the article and the Copyright Office is wilfully misunderstanding the point behind this practice; I happen to know that there are whole crowd-sourcing sites set up and funded (mostly by smaller law-firms) just to find the kind of "evidence of prior use" or "evidence of prior… » 1/12/15 4:55pm 1/12/15 4:55pm

Uhh. I'm sure there's a shorter, more elegant way, but surely this is the simplest - just keep pouring from small to big! Only fill the small one when it's empty. Empty the big one when it's full. Works in all three cases (capacity in brackets): » 1/12/15 4:01am 1/12/15 4:01am

This is the best reply. I was mostly, not wholly, on DrunkExPat' side in so far as I thought someone asking for sex in exchange for a ride is not creepy in itself. But this response convinced me, mostly - if it was not in the right section of CL, the posting of the ad was most probably a part of the sexual act, and… » 12/28/14 4:30pm 12/28/14 4:30pm

Uhhh... I thought this was a pretty old theory - it's the whole premise behind the hive-mind, and the Crichton novel Prey. Most AI experiments today is built on this theory. At most, this new data supports the theory, which is fine and all. But ease up on the hyperbole. » 12/25/14 12:27pm 12/25/14 12:27pm

Well, besides buildig giant goats (the yule goat is what used to bring us presents in Sweden before Santa entered the mix via Germany by way of the US and Coke), we have a very quaint traditon: at exactly 1500 hours on Christmas Eve, literally everyone (well, 80-90%, so not literally literally) sit down to watch a… » 12/23/14 12:49pm 12/23/14 12:49pm

I'd be interested to know where kink.com falls on the spectrum; it's really quite rough, but I enjoy it specifically because of the interviews before and after, the exploration of the bdsm experience as it were. Usually I'm more into x-art-y stuff (as a point of interest, out of the two of us it's my wife who likes… » 12/22/14 9:53am 12/22/14 9:53am

Seriously? First off, how the hell are kids going to enter the picture if she won't have sex with him? Secondly, you think it's a good idea to inflict this relationship on kids? They'll have a frustrated father, and a mother that belittles him, and their two role-models will never show any affection or intimacy. Yeah,… » 12/20/14 3:13am 12/20/14 3:13am

Bullshit. Pewdiepie got accidentally famous because of how YouTube works - he was Swedish, but lived in Italy at the time, and did his videos in English. That meant his videos were flagged as "interesting" to three different market: Italy and Southern Europe (as well as Northern Africa); all of Northern Europe; and… » 12/19/14 6:42pm 12/19/14 6:42pm